Q1 Publications (2020)

Sr No Paper Title First Author (Student) Main Supervisor Journal Name Quartile
1 An Efficient Intrusion Detection Model Based on Hybridization of Artificial Bee Colony and Dragonfly Algorithms for Training Multilayer Perceptrons Waheed Ali H. M. Ghanem Aman Jantan IEEE Access Q1
2 Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh Networks: Survey of Communication and Security Protocols Muhammad Rizwan Ghori Tat-Chee Wan Sensors Q1
3 Critical Success Factors for Big Data: A Systematic Literature Review Zaher Ali Al-Sai Rosni Abdullah IEEE Access Q1
4 SenseCrypt: A Security Framework for Mobile Crowd Sensing Applications Nsikak Pius Owoh Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh Sensors Q1
5 A New Hash Function Based on Chaotic Maps and Deterministic Finite State Automata Moatsum Alawida Azman Samsudin IEEE Access Q1
6 Quantized Deep Residual Convolutional Neural Network for Image-Based Dietary Assessment Ren Zhang Tan  Xinying Chew IEEE Access Q1
7 Filter-Based Multi-Objective Feature Selection Using NSGA III and Cuckoo Optimisation Algorithm Ali Muhammad Usman Umi Kalsom Yusof IEEE Access Q1
8 A New Chaotic Image Watermarking Scheme based on SVD and IWT  Wafa’ Hamdan Alshoura Zurinahni Zainol IEEE Access Q1

Q2 Publications (2020)

Sr No Paper Title First Author (Student) Main Supervisor Journal Name Quartile
1 Improved deep learning framework for fish segmentation in underwater videos Nawaf Farhan Funkur Alshdaifat Abdullah Zawawi Talib Ecological Informatics Q2
2 Feature Selection for High-Dimensional and Imbalanced Biomedical Data Based on Robust Correlation Based Redundancy and Binary Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm Garba Abdulrauf Sharifai Zurinahni Zainol Genes Q2
3 HoneyDetails: A prototype for ensuring patient’s information privacy and thwarting electronic health record threats based on decoys Abiodun Esther Omolara Aman Jantan Health Informatics Journal Q2
4 Breast Self-Examination System Using Multi-faceted Trustworthiness: Observational Study Rajes Khana Manmeet Mahinderjit Singh JMIR Medical Informatics Q2
5 Discovering Informative Features in Large-scale Landmark Image Collection Alaa Alzoubi Gan Keng Hoon Journal of Information Science Q2