About The Journal Club


  1. To instill the culture of journal writing and publication among postgraduates and academic staffs.
  2. To share latest and interesting articles with peers to keep up with the knowledge in specific areas.
  3. To share experience in journal publications in terms of selection of journal, duration, editorial handling, comments handling etc.
  4. To provide a venue for networking and informal discussions among research students and staffs.  


  1. Presenters will acquire the skill to search for good quality article in their areas, critically analyze and present it to the audience. 
  2. Participants will learn from peer experience in journal publications
    • Speed up the journal publication process by avoid common mistakes etc.
    • Aware of suitable venues for publications.
  3. Participants will have the chance to learn from their peers and other supervisors.
  4. Presenters will be able to share their published journals, and experience throughout the publication process, gain feedback on their research.  

Target Audience

  • Postgraduate Students (research mode)
  • Academic Staffs


  • Every 1st, and 3rd Friday of the Month. If the Club timing collides with School major event, it shall be held in the following week.
  • 2.45pm to 4.45pm
  • CS Meeting Room/ELL/Interaction Room
  • Light Tea will be served to attendees.