Poster Competition

Poster Competition Details


  • This poster competition is opened to postgraduate students (research mode) of School of Computer Sciences.
  • You may submit a poster for your research work at any stage to participate.
  • You may participate in either one of the Track, i.e. Service Computing, Data to Knowledge or Enabling Technologies and Infrastructures.
  • The submission of poster is in softcopy PDF form only. You may use landscape or portrait for your layout. No physical printed poster is required. Please include your Name, Email, Supervisor Name and Track in your poster.
  • Contents required for poster
- Abstract
- Introduction
- Problem Statement
- Method
- Evaluation (Optional)
- Conclusion
- References
- Other relevant sections (Optional)
  • Upload your poster at this competition Padlet.  Poster Competition Padlet
  • Register your poster using this Form.  Poster Competition Registration Form
  • During the event day, you will be assigned a slot to give a short presentation of your poster as well as Q&A.
  • Your poster will be judged based on your softcopy submission, presentation and Q&A.
  • Winners of poster competition will be announced during closing of CSPC 2020. 


  • Poster Competition Registration Due: August 13, 2020 (extended 18 August 2020)
  • Poster Submission Due: August 18, 2020 (extended 25 August 2020)
  • Poster Presentation Day: September 03, 2020


  • Dr. Manmeet Kaur :
  • Aurengzeb Muzammil:
  • Zahid Iqbal:
  • Yong Kuan Shyang:


 Poster Competition